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Welcome to Frame 33 – the Slidermetrix blog about online video. Well, not just online video. There are plenty of sites out there that focus on that broader topic. But online video has grown up enough that intriguing subtopics are emerging and we’re grabbing one and running with it.

At Frame 33, we’ll be blogging about using video for viewer engagement and visitor retention. Not as it relates to content – you can go to Mashable for that – instead, we’ll focus on the new and innovative approaches and technologies that are being used to keep visitors glued to their screens and coming back for more.

Now, you may be wondering where we come off as the facilitator of discussion on this topic. Well, we develop tools for video rating and we do have a dog in the race with Slidermetrix. And with Slidermetrix, we are regularly chatting with online content providers, digital marketing firms and others about how they might use our tool to engage viewers, drive the type of metrics that advertisers want and differentiate the experience they’re providing to their online audience. So, you could say we have a pipeline to those who have interesting things to say on this topic. And it’s our goal to bring those folks on over to share their insights and advice. We’ll mix in our share of Slidermetrix success stories and cool use cases too. It should be good fun and hopefully, we’ll all get a little smarter about how we’re using online video to engage and interact with viewers.

Your insights and opinions are welcome here too so if you’ve got some, please email me and join the discussion.