From the first frame to the last, gather moment-to-moment feedback to develop the perfect final cut.

Has the term “herding cats” ever been more applicable than to trying to get a group
of people to agree on elements of a
video production?

One-on-one feedback is manageable, but how
do you efficiently learn what a group thinks?


Once you get through creating your content and a rough cut, Slidermetrix can help
get you get feedback from a group of people on each moment of the video so you
can better pinpoint parts that are working and not working.


Viewers use the slider to give feedback on the entire cut and you can even breakout feedback from different groups of people. Each group will be represented by a different colored line as well as numeric scores for each moment of the video.

That group feedback will highlight real areas of opportunity and lead to more focused and productive discussions with your decision-makers about how to achieve the perfect finished product.

Learn more about launching a video for testing and accessing the report that brings it all together.