For the first time, collect moment-to-moment data on embedded, online video.

MR 011813Traditionally, moment-to-moment testing of video was exclusively for focus groups and online surveys. But, sometimes you don’t have the time, budget, or need for such robust research and a faster, lower cost, ad hoc alternative will fit the bill nicely.

With Slidermetrix, visitors are intercepted to give the kinds of feedback never before available through embedded, online video.

Slidermetrix is developed by Dialsmith, the company that develops and markets the Perception Analyzer and Perception Analyzer Online around the globe. For nearly 30 years the Perception Analyzer tools have provided researchers with moment-to-moment data collection on TV ads, television pilots, movie trailers, infomercials, product demos, presentations, speeches, and much more.


For the first time, Slidermetrix allows you to apply that same, trusted, moment-to-moment methodology to embedded online video and is ideal for testing things such as:

  • Online ads
  • Television ads
  • Movie trailers
  • News stories and promos
  • Screencasts and webinars
  • Product promos and demos
  • Speeches and presentations


In the robust reporting portal you have access to all the data you’d expect including total completes, completes for each subset, overall cumulative mean score, and mean scores for each subset. You can also create “loops” to determine mean scores for specific segments of the video.

Data can then be exported for further analysis and a standalone version of the line graph overlay video may be linked to, or embedded on a web page, for sharing and reporting.

Try it for yourself by rating some videos in our video library, then contact us to discuss how Slidermetrix can meet your specific research needs.