Engagement and data add depth to story reporting
and drive metrics for advertising revenue.

If your website is like most, you generate revenue through ad sales. And ad revenue is generally driven by high-quality traffic to your site.

Unique and return visitors, page views, impressions, and dwell times are all metrics you’re always trying to drive. Anything that can push those numbers upward gives you an advantage over the competition and a basis to charge a premium for advertising.

Slidermetrix is your secret weapon to not only giving your visitors a unique, engaging experience, but also for driving those important metrics and allowing you to maximize advertising revenue.


Slidermetrix is ideal for all kinds of topics including:

  • News
  • Sports
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Entertainment


Because viewers get to see how their ratings compare with others, your videos get viewed twice—once during rating and a second time during playback. That gets you double impressions of your videos!

And because Slidermetrix remembers every second of feedback from every viewer, you have access to viewing and rating data that can be used in story reporting. For instance, for a political ad you might learn that 35% of viewers are Democrats and 65% are Republicans and you can pinpoint the specific parts of the video that each liked, disliked, and by how much.

Rate some videos in our video library to get a feel for things, then get yourself an account or let’s connect and see how Slidermetrix can integrate into your website.