Create a new Slidermetrix project in just a few steps. Link to a YouTube URL and easily customize elements of the player such as text and images that appear on the intro and exit screens. Next, set your rating scale and add an optional pre-video question.

Launching your Slidermetrix video takes just a few clicks. Grab the embed code and paste it on your website as you would any other video. Bob’s your uncle! You have a Slidermetrix video live on your website ready to be rated. Choose if you want viewers, after they’ve rated the video, to see how their rating compares to others.

View real-time stats and ratings at any time through the Slidermetrix Report Portal. See metrics combined for all viewers as well as broken out by segment based on your optional pre-video question. Watch the rating lines overlaid with the full-length video as it plays and/or view snapshots of ratings for specific segments. You can also easily export and share overlaid ratings with the video or as data points in an Excel file for deeper analysis.