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Slidermetrix For All!

We here at Dialsmith are excited to announce that we've hit an exciting milestone today for Slidermetrix. After closing a successful Beta testing period, we're pleased to announce the general availability of Slidermetrix. We've spent the last 12 months putting Slidermetrix through a rigorous test drive and we've seen great results and received valuable feedback from our testers. Here are some insights from a few high profile beta projects and useful links if you're interested in learning more about a Slidermetrix subscription for you.

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Super Seconds? Slidermetrix revs up for another run of Super Bowl ad ratings

According to estimates, the cost to purchase a 30-second time slot during this year's Super Bowl is $4 million. In case you're wondering, that works out to $133,000 per second. Yowza! That's easily the most expensive second of airtime ever and underlines how important every second of every Super Bowl ad is--not only from an investment standpoint but from an impact standpoint as well.

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